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Meet the Staff Team, led by Michael, dedicated to ministry at City.
Michael Luehrmann

Michael Luehrmann is our Pastor. He studied in the USA and was an Assistant Pastor for 6 years in Edinburgh before coming to City in 2010.

David Lovell
Associate Pastor

David is our Associate Pastor and has been at City since Autumn 2019. He's previously been involved in ministry in London and Blackburn.

John Keene
Student Worker

John is a husband, a part-time GP, our Student Worker and one of our elders here at City.

Steve Walker
Pastor in Training

Steve decided to come along one Sunday from the local area and in time became a Christian, having first looked into the reliability of the Bible and Jesus' claims. He now serves as part of our staff team and enjoys weightlifting, cricket and watching wrestling.

Mark Molloy
Youth & Childrens' Worker

Mark is our Youth & Childrens' Worker. He joined the staff team in 2011 and has been at City since 2005. He enjoys computer games, films, food and Lego.