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The Student Team is here to help you grow closer to God.

One of the main ways we do that is by getting you plugged into church life here at City, which is why we've gone ahead and made a list of just that!

Please read through the list, join our facebook group and remember, if you need anything, just ask!

How to get involved at City:

Growth Groups:

We’ve got two small group bible studies in North Leeds. If you want to come along but need a lift, the Student Team will sort it out!

One on One Bible Studies:

When you really want to grow, this is a great option. Meet with an older Christian to chat about life, study the bible and pray together!

Christian Union:

The CU is a fantastic opportunity to tell others about Christ and to be encouraged. So, if your university has one, please get involved!

After Church Lunches:

Nothing beats a homecooked meal and some fellowship! That’s why we’ve planned Sunday lunches all term long. Text us if you’re coming!

Minibus Times:

Get a lift to church - pick up times are:

  • 10am & 5:45pm at Cardigan Road (Co-op)
  • 10.05am & 5:50pm at Headingly (at the Yorkshire bank)
  • 10:15am & 6pm at Leeds University (at the Parkinson building)